So excited to go back again!

So Ireland here I come. It’s been a couple years or so but I’m so excited. This year I can finely go to the pubs or clubs although I don’t exactly want to go to the clubs without my main squeeze. I still have a like six months until I leave though so hopefully something changes. I think he’d love to go. It’s beautiful, people are so friendly, and not to mention my family is there! Also, I think it would put our relationship to the test since we’d be out of the state and in a completely new country. He’s never been out of the states which I also think is sad. I have to be extremely savy though I want him to come with so bad that I’ll probably just end up buying him a ticket. And I so want to travel to the holy lands with him. And a couple of places surrounding Cushendall. And don’t forget about Dublin where the girls are so pretty! I’m so excited though and that’s about all I can say. Ireland will hopefully let me yet again turn a new leaf.